Kolobrzeg is the largest and most beautiful Polish spa of unparalleled charm and rich history. The main function of the city tourist – conditioned spa is the perfect location at the mouth of the river Parsęta in the vicinity of forests, peat deposits, marsh ecosystem – water that provides shelter to many rare species of animals and plants.

Kolobrzeg encourage you to visit numerous monuments. Among them they include the gothic St Mary’s Basilica and the neo-Gothic Town Hall. The rich, modern treatment center is also one of the advantages of the city. The patients not only Polish, but Germany and Scandinavia can relax in perfect class hotels and guest houses.

Currently, the city is experiencing a period of dynamic development. The EU funds enabled the launch of a series of investments to improve the standard of living and vacationing tourists. Built a new football stadium, it is revitalized spa zone. Completed two stages of small ring road, as well as fixed edges of the sea, resulting in a huge beach. These multi-million dollar investments make Kolobrzeg is at the forefront of many rankings published by the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth or Forbes. The presence among the winners of the contest “Poland Now” is another confirmation of the high position the city among the Polish tourist resorts and spas. Kolobrzeg also provides a wide range of cultural activities, which are realized the Regional Cultural Center is beautifully situated amphitheater.

Every visitor will find something for themselves.
Kolobrzeg is a wonderful place to relax climate and to live.

source: www.kolobrzeg.pl